Hey there!  We are Andy & Natalie and we are passionate in sharing God's Word, His truths and how He is radically changing our lives. The Word Warrior was birthed when I had this overwhelming desire to really KNOW God, His word and HIDE it deep within my heart and encourage others to do the same!  I am one of those that needs a party to join me ~ so much fun with friends!  Am I right?  So, life ever since has been the overflow... sharing His word and applying His truths to our loves and marriage... Listen, placing Christ front and center has been life changing!  Ecclesiastes 4:12 tells us that a three fold cord is not easily broken... this truly was the missing link to our marriage!    

We love creating our Word Warrior tees and we are passionate about sharing our faith.  Our mission here at Shop Word Warrior is to create awesome tees and handcrafted items with a greater purpose! Our hope is that you will LOVE the words and creations AND will be encouraged to move towards the truth of God's word and share it fashionably! Sound like a cool plan? Groovy.  Now, let's spread some Jesus!

All items sold in Shop Word Warrior are simply a way to fund our heart!  We are passionate in sharing God's word, creating Bible study tools, supporting local ministries and bringing awareness to their cause. Proceeds of each sale will go towards local ministries we are involved in throughout the Birmingham area.  For more information on these ministries and what God is doing in our lives, follow our shop @ShopTheWordWarrior and for a little behind the scenes action you can check out @wordwarrior on Instagram!

Thanks for your support, we think you are totally AWESOME!