• Image of One Table Monthly Journal Bundle

The One Table MONTHLY JOURNAL is a 31-day journal to guide you through one month of purposeful engagement with the Scriptures. The structure of the journal was created to help give you guidance in your time of Bible study while allowing you room to make it your own. You can use it with our One Table group monthly reading plan or one you might be doing on your own. Either way ~ we feel it is a great tool to encourage you to open up your Bible!

The MONTHLY JOURNALS are bundled in sets of THREE.
Our hope is for you to be encouraged to commit 3 months of devoted time in God's Word.

The journals are beautifully crafted with three different covers. We are so excited for you to get them in your hands!

We encourage you to check out our One Table Monthly Reading Plan to accompany your journals. The monthly plans can be found on thewordwarrior.com under One Table, Monthly Reading Plans!